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The Dr. Ted Difference

  • Proprietary QuickRecover™ IV anesthesia technique (it truly lives up to it's name!)

  • Greater safety and fastest recovery

  • Wake up quickly - no recovery room

  • NO nausea after anesthesia

  • Our patients rarely experience dry sockets

  • Is a nationally renowned oral surgeon and wisdom teeth removal authority

  • Seen regularly on local and national television

  • More than three decades of wisdom teeth removal experience

Risk increases with age. That's why wisdom teeth removal is really important when patients are in their mid to late teens.

  • Easier: When the roots of the teeth are not fully formed, being shorter, they are more easily loosened and removed from the jaw.

  • Less trauma: The immature jawbone is not only softer for less difficult surgery, but contains more stem cells for faster healing.

  • Faster recovery: Younger patients will recover from extraction of non-infected wisdom teeth much faster than an adult.

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15310 Amberly Dr #195

 Tampa, FL 33647

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Jillian Matheson

I was really nervous about this surgery just because I’m a little older and my bones are more hard now. Plus, I have had terrible experiences with IVs.


Let me tell you that it was low key fun because they were really nice and funny and made me extremely comfortable the whole time. It was over very quickly and when I woke up I was awake awake.


No groggy nonsense that a lot of people I know have experienced. All in all I’m so glad I went there! Right around the corner and the best it could’ve been for  wisdom teeth removal.


Tiffany Adekola

Back in August, I got my four wisdom teeth pulled at one time. I really loved the staff and Dr. Ted. I was so anxious to get the surgery and go under especially during the pandemic.


Getting my wisdom teeth pulled was my first surgery where I would have to be asleep. Everyone made me feel comfortable before the surgery. I started crying moments before I fell asleep and the staff comforted me, letting me know I was going to be okay. I am here to say that I am okay! I can't express how much overall I love the doctor and staff.


I would recommend them, and if I need any other oral surgeries, I will be going back. I am grateful!!!


Randall J. Hergert

Dr. Grellners' office was very professional and courteous throughout my entire wisdom teeth experience.


Ms. Ann was most helpful with finding what route to take for the most affordable dental coverage, while the assistants and other personnel were always friendly and great to be around during the surgery.


Dr. Grellner was great in explaining the details of the surgery and performed admirably!

All four of my wisdom teeth were removed at age 26, with the bottom two impacting sideways well below to the gumline.

... I would recommend Dr. Grellner's office to anyone!


Dr. Grellner’s practice places patient comfort at the forefront of oral surgery. If you or your child needs their wisdom teeth removed, you need to know about his QuickRecover™ anesthesia technique.


Better timing of the removal of the wisdom teeth for fewer surgical complications, a shorter, more comfortable course of treatment, and less damage to adjacent structures because of generally easier surgery.


Using his unique and very effective pain-reducing techniques, Dr. Grellner’s patients recover quicker and more comfortably from wisdom teeth surgery. This gives his patients the ability to experience the least amount of pain and interruption to their daily lives.  

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