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Beautiful Smile

You need to have a back tooth removed. How are you replacing it?

Preserve Your Natural Bone Structure

Tooth Removal

When Dr. Grellner performs your tooth removal you can be sedated and completely comfortable. 

Dental Implants

 Dental implants act just like your tooth roots and keep your jawbone from deteriorating.

Get Your Chew Back

Dental implants become part of your jaw. They give you the ability to have a tooth that feels and looks like your original tooth. 

What Our Patients Say

Robert Lawson

“He is one of the two best medical practitioners I have EVER experienced, and I have seen a lot of doctors.  I do not say that just because I like him.  I have an advanced university degree in methodology of science.  He does it right! .”

Khai Ho

“I was highly satisfied with the outcome. Delightful front office staff and amazing surgical assistants. I would highly recommend Dr. Grellner with his many years of experience and care.”

Lynn Davis

“Had two implants installed for lower dentures in addition to corrective surgery to the lower jaw. The care and precision of the process was most impressive. At no time did I experience pain.”

Dr. Ted Grellner DDS is a nationally renowned oral surgeon and an authority on wisdom teeth removal, seen regularly on local and national television.

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