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Pain-Reducing Techniques

Using his unique and very effective pain-reducing techniques, Dr. Grellner’s patients recover quicker and more comfortably from wisdom teeth surgery. This gives his patients the ability to experience the least amount of pain and interruption to their daily lives.  

Leading the Way

Dr. Grellner specializes in minimizing pain and dry sockets. His proven pain reducing techniques are designed to more effectively reduce what discomfort is present while simultaneously reducing the need for heavy narcotic dosages.

Dr. Grellner is at the forefront when it comes to technology and advancements to reduce risk and improve pain relief during wisdom teeth removal surgery. Having had an unpleasant experience with his own wisdom teeth as a college student, he has spent his career improving EVERY aspect of the wisdom teeth removal experience. From general anesthesia to multiple unique ways to reduce the need for addictive narcotic medication.



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