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Rapid Anesthesia Recovery

Dr. Grellner’s practice places patient comfort and safety at the forefront of oral surgery. If you or your teen needs their wisdom teeth removed, you need to know about his QuickRecover™ Anesthesia technique.

A Quicker Recovery

Regardless of how long you were asleep, you will be shocked by how quickly and comfortably you will awaken afterwards, and how "clear" you are.

Like all oral surgeons, Dr. Grellner is licensed to administer anesthesia to minimize discomfort during a procedure. But as part of his ongoing effort to make wisdom teeth extraction a more comfortable patient experience for those in the Tampa area, Dr. Grellner has developed a special anesthetic technique called QuickRecover™. Using specialized pumps, he can deliver continuous micro doses of anesthesia throughout treatment rather than separate intermittent doses. Consequently, he can adjust to customize dosing as needed.

Dr. Grellner will closely monitor your dosage to ensure you receive the right amount. Because the amount of anesthesia is tailored to the individual’s needs, this approach substantially reduces post-anesthetic recovery time. Rather than wait out the effects over several hours, patients often recover in as little as 10 to 20 minutes. With QuickRecover™, patients can avoid prolonged periods of uncomfortable dizziness and nausea.



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