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It's About Time

Better timing of the removal of the wisdom teeth for fewer surgical complications is key for a shorter, more comfortable course of treatment.

Why Timing is Important

We welcome and treat wisdom teeth patients of all ages. But as a result of our many years of experience in doing so, there is an age at which removal of the wisdom teeth is easiest.

Once the roots of the wisdom teeth finish their growth and the bone hardens with age, removal becomes so much more difficult and risky. The exact timing of this varies considerably from person to person. While age 15 could be the ideal time for one, it could be 19 for another.

By getting the timing right, you can provide your teen with not only the best experience possible in their lifetime right now, but also relief from worry of future wisdom teeth problems.

That could be the best gift of all. As a parent, wouldn’t that feel good?

When your young adult (or you) first starts to complain that their wisdom teeth are bothering them, usually this means that the gum around one or more of their wisdom teeth has become infected.

Once a tooth causes an opening through the gum covering it, saliva and mouth bacteria can now flow through that hole into the gum. When the immune system is weakened by fighting cold or flu bugs, the oral bacteria can more easily grow, starting an infection.

Unfortunately, before a wisdom tooth can be safely removed, the infection of the painful gum has to be treated. If not, the surgery can cause spread of the infection into a much wider area.

Treating infections like this usually takes a week on antibiotics and pain medication, and can cause the loss of several days to a week of work or school before the meds start to work.

Removing the wisdom teeth BEFORE the gum over them gets infected saves suffering from that infection and allows you to schedule their removal at your convenience rather than the infection dictating the timing.

Waiting to remove wisdom teeth until they cause problems will add at least an additional week of discomfort, drugs and time lost that could have been avoided.

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