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VIP Concierge Wisdom Teeth Experience

You want the best and most comfortable experience when it comes to wisdom teeth removal.


Our elite program offers patients the shortest, most comfortable experience we've ever seen.  We do this using QuickRecover(TM) IV anesthetic and surgical techniques, along with advanced techniques to speed surgical recovery and reduce the need for addictive narcotics.

This is a level of care that simply cannot be provided when using insurance due to the increased time used for care, optional materials and technology utilized.

The VIP Difference

  • Priority scheduling

  • Less time lost from daily routine

  • Decreased anesthesia recovery time

  • Shorter, more comfortable surgical recovery time

  • Lesser need for addictive, narcotic pain medication

  • Accelerated tissue healing

  • Less time lost due to discomfort

  • No extremely painful dry sockets (exception: nicotine use)

  • Decreased surgical complications

              * Quality of result will vary with age


How We Do It

  • 3D cone beam computed tomography is an imaging technology that allows us to evaluate the underlying tooth roots & surrounding bone structure, as well as the nearby nerves to reduce the risk of injury and surgical trauma. This in-depth analysis is typically not covered by insurance.

  • Slower, less traumatic surgery – the use of additional time is very expensive, something insurance simply doesn’t reimburse for.

  • Our unique QuickRecover™ IV Anesthesia technique

  • PRHA™ –  Our Pain Relieving Healing Accelerator - an advanced technique that yields better results - is not reimbursable by insurance.